Expansion of EMAVUNDLENI CENTRE in Crossroads

In 2005 we designed a new vaccine trials centre for the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (DTHF) to conduct Phase III HIV vaccine trials in Crossroads. The Emavundleni Centre is featured separately on this website.

In 2018 we were asked by the DTHF to propose options for expanding the facility. The existing building occupied the complete site so the only space available for further development was above the existing single storey portions. Extruding the curved portion of the plan was the least disruptive option to the daily operation of the facility and also provided the greatest area of expansion.

The main component of the new and existing upgraded accommodation is a large multi-function space for meetings and workshops lit by a central sky light, together with an office. Also provided is a kitchenette and a staff rest area fitted with bespoke joinery.


Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation

Completion Date

October 2018

Quantity Surveyors

Laatoe Key Kotze cc

Structural Engineers

Gadomski & Associates

Electrical Engineers

NWE Consulting Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

NWE Consulting Engineers


Raycon Properties