Together with Amanda Katz Architects - unbuilt 2011

The corner site is in the secondary CBD core of Durbanville. The owner’s brief was to demolish the existing dwellings on two erven, consolidate the erven and develop a Wellness Retreat for the accommodation and treatment on the property of patients suffering from depression and eating disorders.

The facility was intended to operate on a voluntary basis, i.e. patients would be admitted on their own accord. Regular psychiatrist consultations would also take with individual and group therapy sessions on a daily basis.

The proposed facility consists of a partially double-storey building with 15 double rooms and 25 beds 12 double rooms and 2 single rooms with a total of six therapy rooms, a lounge, study/library, gymnasium, dining area, kitchen, administrative offices and ancillary facilities.

The design of the building was informed by the guidelines contained in the Durbanville CBD Urban Design Framework. In addition, the following additional design principles were incorporated into the design and site layout:
• Creation of a tranquil, natural environment which would contribute to the reduction of stress.
• Building to contribute positively to its environment – the mass is broken up over the site as single or double storey and responds to the street, surrounding properties and the open space on one side.
• Sensitive landscaping to enhance the environment.
• Parking bays broken with planted strips and trees for shade.
• All mature trees to be retained.
• Pedestrians to be given priority over cars.
• Use of natural materials that provide a relaxed environment
• Use of materials with low embodied energy values such as brickwork and timber
• Generous natural light and ventilation to contribute to good health and environmental energy efficiency

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